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Network. Volunteer. Engage.

Thank you for your interest in Mahoning Valley Young Professionals Club membership. Our organization is a resource that unites our young citizens throughout the Mahoning Valley by providing a network of social, educational and charitable opportunities that encourage growth and lifelong commitments to our community. As an independent organization, we are solely governed by its members: a diverse group of young individuals representing various private, non-profit and public organizations throughout the community. In addition, all seek to develop and maintain a strong bond between each other and our valley. It truly is a great club that unites young minds in unique settings.

Membership benefits include free admission to Monthly Mixers, access to member only events, ability to meet and network with other young professionals, volunteer opportunities, and the ability to make a difference in the Mahoning Valley.

There are two membership options available: Yearly and Lifetime. Yearly Members pay $50 each year, while Lifetime Members pay $175 once. 

At the heart of our organization is our membership, which is made up of both sponsors and individuals. If you are interested in learning about our sponsorship opportunities, click here.

Please fill out the membership form below and select membership level.

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